To the Editor,

Your front page story last week about how talks have stalled between the James River Water Authority and the Monacan Nation was very informative. 

It seems that the authority would like to continue with its efforts to obtain permits and build a pump station citing a need for extra water on the site where Native American artifacts have been discovered.  

Besides the disregard for historic preservation, did anyone notice in the article that this extra water is needed, not only for growing demand within the county, but for the planned business park? 

Also, on the front page is an article about citizens who have organized and met in opposition to the planned business park. And finally, we are reminded in a letter from a young writer, that we still have children attending classes in trailers in our county. But instead of planning to build classrooms, we seem to be planning a business park.  

How can the board of supervisors, in good conscience, push ahead with the business park (that none of its citizens want)? And how can the citizens, in good conscience, allow them to stay in office during the next election?

Betty Luck