To the Editor: 

The commissioner of the revenue deals with just about everyone’s pocketbook, so Louisa deserves the most capable and trustworthy person willing to serve in this constitutional officer position.  This is why I’m supporting Dan Braswell.  

“Captain” Dan Braswell, US Navy (retired) has worked in and successfully led numerous organizations, some dealing with budgets in the billions of dollars. He was trusted by the U.S. government to the point where he served as a direct representative of the Secretary of Defense.  

He’s the most academically qualified candidate in the race, one with multiple graduate degrees, to include a Master of Business Administration degree from the prestigious Robert H. Smith School of Business. He has also already met the criteria to receive the highest points possible in the academic category for designation as a Master Commissioner of the Revenue.  

Also a person who cares about his community, Dan demonstrated this by joining and actively supporting the US Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla in our area immediately after retiring from 35 years of service in a U.S. Navy uniform. Most of his life has been focused on public service at a very high level and he’s got a record of continuous success throughout his career.  

He’s ready and excited about the opportunity to serve his fellow citizens here in Louisa, and I’m all for it.  

Dan will ensure the department headed by the commissioner of the revenue always does what it should, not just what it must. He will always see to it that the office works for the citizens of Louisa and not the other way around.

Jack Bertron