To the Editor:


On October 7th I attended a Louisa County Board of Supervisors meeting on rezoning some property on Mansfield Road in Mineral. I am a registered voter in Mineral, and I own some property next to the parcel that is being rezoned.  

When I asked to comment on the rezoning, I was given only three minutes to talk.  The person who was asking for the rezoning spoke for as much time as he needed, despite the fact that I was told he would only have five minutes to talk. 

Of course the rezoning was approved, even if there might be problems with the streams that begin on the rezoned land and will no doubt reduce water being delivered to nearby property owners’ ponds and wells. The question was asked, will there be runoff of water (pollution, etc.) from the 125 rezoned acres to the farms and homes downstream? There was no definitive answer.  

Since the rezoning was approved, the entrance on Mansfield Road will no doubt bring more traffic to our already congested roads. 

We live next to the parcel that was rezoned; we never developed our land much due to the high sulfur content in the soil and streams. Apparently the developers think that rotten egg smell is just what a commercial property needs.  

The developers will also be cutting off very old access routes to family cemeteries where people regularly put flowers on family members’ graves. 

Finally, if you go to any supervisors’ meetings and you are handicapped, you may want to take your own chair because they do not have any chairs for disabled people there.  

Rae Cherry