To the Editor,

Our president said over the weekend that certain politicians should “go back” to “the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” 

It is widely believed he was referring to four United States congresswomen.  Since they were all elected to Congress, having passed the first hurdle to election of becoming a U.S. citizen, he must mean the states they came from. This type of rhetoric coming from the primary defender of our Constitution seems wildly out of place in both the political and religious founding of this great country. I’m sure certain fundamentalist organizations, like the Klan, are cheering today just like certain countries are alleged to have cheered over 9-11.

Bias, bigotry and lack of tolerance seem to permeate Washington. But Richmond is no slacker in this either. This November, we get to choose new representation in state politics. If you are a woman or a minority perhaps you’ve noticed that Bryce Reeves voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, along with other members of his party. Is this what we Virginians want – a return to barefoot and pregnant? Continued “pay them less because they’re not men?”  Deny them control over their bodies? Is it bad to have an abortion, but OK to kill children in schools or coworkers with guns in the hands of those undergoing some sort of breakdown?  

While I don’t think abortion is a good idea, it’s not my decision (plus abortions are declining anyway). While I keep and shoot guns, it’s not right to ignore the pain caused by a less-than-rational shooter.  

The president will be voted in or out next year (and that’s important); but what about our election this year? Let’s look at our local politicians and decide if they truly represent all of us. 

Get out and vote this November, especially if you are a woman or a minority.  

Larry Zemke