To the Editor:

I’d like to bring it to the attention of Virginia voters that women still do not have equal rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.  Congress passed a Constitutional amendment, the Equal Rights Amendment, (ERA) in 1972 which would give women the right to be paid the same wages as men for equal work. It would also give us equal standing in legal matters such as property and divorce. This would affect 160 million American women.

It order to be enacted, 38 states must ratify the amendment.  As of now, 37 states have voted to ratify.  Public polling done in 2018 shows that 88% of Virginians support ratification of the amendment.

Ratification was proposed in the most recent session of the General Assembly where it was sent to a committee. The committee prevented it from passing forward to a full floor vote. John McGuire, who currently represents all of Louisa County was on that committee and did not support it.  

Virginia could be the state that makes this amendment become federal law.  Historically, Republicans were strong supporters of women’s rights. Obviously, John McGuire is not a supporter.  We need someone who is.

I’m voting for Juanita Jo Matkins for 56th District Delegate this November.  With her support, Virginia can become the last state needed to finally, 47 years later, make this amendment the law of the land.