To the Editor:

Why are we still focused on an emergency services station at Lake Anna when we can’t even properly staff our current stations?

Our current stations aren’t getting out the door to their first due calls. Most of the time if they get out it’s with a driver only. The driver can only transport the rig to a call. Then the rig still just sits there and the situation still can’t be mitigated.

If we add another station it will just sit there like current ones already do. We need to get adequate staffing in the current stations first.

Lake Anna isn’t the issue either when it comes to response times and coverage. Gordonsville still has the worst coverage in the county. We should fix that first. In order to fix this so that our citizens can get what they think they already have, taxes are going to have to be raised. Otherwise your emergency will not be answered in a timely manner and it will be too late.

What about focusing on deputies protecting our county, as well? As it stands there are only a few deputies on the street during the day during the week. If they go to court, their position isn’t backfilled. On nights and weekends, we only have two deputies covering the entire county with the help of a couple state police troopers. Absolutely ridiculous. They cannot do it safely nor effectively. The average citizen doesn’t realize this either. They will realize it once it’s too late and they truly need help.

It’s time the true colors come out and people are made aware of what is going on. No, this can’t be changed overnight, but it shouldn’t be going on for as long as it has. It’s time things start changing and people are held accountable for their decisions and inactions.

Is saving a few cents per $100 really worth someone’s life or property?

Chris Wade


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