To the Editor:

I’ve been a subscriber of The Central Virginian since arriving here in 2007, and I do enjoy what you do for the community, especially with local items of interest, sports, civic activities and so forth.

However, I am thoroughly ashamed of you and those you permitted to write your headline in the Nov. 7 edition. Here is an honored veteran, a Navy Seal, who fought for this country, and you have to denigrate his win with that absurd headline. Did you ever fight for this country?

He won with a majority of the vote—why did you have to highlight that he was in the minority? Your hatred of any Republicans, and any win, shows all too clearly.

Shame on you. Why couldn’t you just have the headline state that he won by a majority and let it go at that. No, you had to emphasize he is in the minority. Typical Democrat thought process.

Bob Ryan