To the Editor:

We have an election coming up on Nov. 5 to choose whom we want to serve on the Louisa County Board of Supervisors from the Jackson district. We must carefully consider some important issues such as:

—hiring quality teachers with adequate compensation and appropriate facilities

—maintaining a fiscally conservative tax base

—continuing to improve communication technology

—promoting fair and effective community relations

—building a strong infrastructure providing safety and security for our citizens

—preserving the rural integrity of our district

—continuing to support the development of small businesses ...

... just to name a few, all of which Toni Williams has diligently and effectively worked on with the other board members. We need that kind of experience, education and decisive leadership in our district.

We have been very pleased with Toni’s high moral and spiritual values, love and commitment to family and community. That is why we will be voting for Toni Williams on Nov. 5.

Jackie and Cy Weaver