Fundraising goal for rescue station met

Jane Gallagher presents Mineral District Supervisor Duane Adams with a check for $100,000 as the foundation reached its goal of raising funds to build a rescue station on New Bridge Road to serve the Lake Anna community. 

The Foundation for Lake Anna Emergency Services has reached its goal of raising $100,000 toward a new rescue station on New Bridge Road.

The foundation reached the milestone amount on Oct. 17 during a fundraising event at Lake Anna Taphouse. Patrick Gallagher, one of the foundation’s directors, said reaching their goal that night wasn’t a surprise. What is a surprise is reaching that goal in five months.

“It’s not just our foundation,” he said. “It’s friends and neighbors in the Lake Anna community coming together in trying to help come up with the funds.”

The foundation was established in January with the goal of building a rescue station that would provide services to 2,300 homes and businesses around Lake Anna that are located five miles or more away from the county’s other rescue stations. Members of the community and the foundation’s board of directors addressed the board of supervisors at their Jan. 21 meeting about this issue, prompting the board to budget $800,000 for the project on the condition that the foundation raise the first $100,000.

The foundation hoped to begin raising the money earlier this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a delay in its 501(c)3 non-profit certification. They received the certification in May and fundraising began in earnest in June.

Having the community step up and make donations during the pandemic when so many people have been out of work or are struggling has shown how much the rescue station is needed, said Jane Gallagher, Patrick’s wife and a fellow foundation director.

Some people feel the need for a rescue station at Lake Anna is so important that they donated their $1,200 government stimulus check to the foundation to help it reach its goal.

“That’s very humbling, people giving us that money,” Patrick said.

With the $100,000 raised, the next step is for the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to approve the release of the money that was budgeted for the project and to begin the process of soliciting bids to build the station.

Supervisor Duane Adams (Mineral District) said he plans to ask the board to appropriate the funds at its next meeting on Nov. 2.

Funds will still be needed beyond that, and the foundation has other events planned in the coming weeks to help raise money for equipment for the rescue station. Donations are still being accepted through the foundation’s website at


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