JMRL launches Dial-A-Story
No internet? No problem!

With the world’s shift to online resources during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are accustomed to finding their work and entertainment through the internet.

However, for those that suffer from slow or no internet access, connecting to resources can be a daily struggle.

To help connect the internet-less community with storytime, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library has launched Dial-A-Story, storytimes that are accessed through the phone.

Angela Critics, children's services coordinator, said, “The library started this service as a way to offer storytimes to families who can’t access JMRL’s virtual programs because they don’t have reliable home internet access. However, it is also ideal for families who want a break from screen time.”

“Families have access to these storytimes any time, anywhere they have a phone,” she said.

Callers can choose from multiple stories by dialing 434.443.2300, all read or told by a library staff member.

In the future, JMRL aims to expand the service by adding a series of readings from short chapter books, with a new chapter each week.

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