Louisa County Board of Supervisors public hearing on January 17

It was standing-room only for the public hearing on January 17.

Capping a marathon session lasting nearly four hours, the Louisa County Board of Supervisors voted six to one, with only Supervisor Willie Gentry voting against, to approve zoning changes for construction of the Lake Anna Resort with an eighty-foot-high condominium building, a 130-room “condo hotel” and the remainder of the developer’s requested features.  In a separate vote, the Board also voted unanimously to allow the developers to use an alternative siding material on the condominium building.

Developer Mike Grossman began the consideration process with a presentation outlining the major aspects of the plan and describing several concessions, or “proffers,” in response to questions and criticisms received from Supervisors and citizens.  Most important among these is establishment of a performance bond on the planned condo-hotel to be forfeited by the developer if the hotel is not complete within five years.

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