To the editor:

If the Town of Louisa raises water and sewer rates again, “in response to COVID-19,” the mayor and councilors need to be ashamed of themselves and remember that these sort of decisions have ramifications when election time comes around. 

Residents of the town already pay $12.62 per month, or $151.44 per year, more than customers of the Louisa County Water Authority (LCWA). The rate hike last year was not insignificant, and to seriously consider yet another increase in the access of home water and sewage shows a lack of management skill and budgeting ability in those we elect and trust to run the local government.  

Why should the residents of the town continue to be punished for the ineptness and lack of planning of our elected officials? For the record, the base Louisa County Water Authority bill is $59.04 ($23.56 for water and $35.48 for sewer, from their website) while the basic town bill is $71.66 ($37.32 water and $34.34 sewer). Don’t let the council fool you with statistics from other localities, either — they have no bearing on Louisa. 

We need what is best for Louisa and not to stroke the egos of those responsible for making these bad decisions. Elections have consequences. Remember this during the 2020 and 2021 voting opportunities.

Kahlil Pfaff



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