To the Editor:

Judging from recent letters to The Central Virginian, one thing locals infected with Second Amendment fever and those obsessed with the “unfairness” of the impeachment proceedings have in common is their determination to act like whiny brats until they get their way, just like their president.

Despite Christianity Today calling for his removal from office, none of the lies, lawbreaking, or even subversion of government matters to them. The harsh truth is they don’t care—in fact they love it because they feel empowered to operate freely in their own alternative reality, with a recent poll showing 86 percent of Republicans want him to remain in office.

There’s more than rallying around a tribal leader going on here. It’s a cultish belief that winning is all that matters, and even torching democracy is permissible, especially if means they don’t have to share power with the Demonrats—ahem, Democrats. Keeping “those people” out of power and sticking it to anyone who looks, thinks or acts differently is widely accepted.

Take what happened at this past December’s rally—I mean the board of supervisors meeting—where many people publicly declared their willingness to defy our government in a grandiose fight against tyranny. They are oblivious to the fact that their intimidation tactics and harsh words were undermining the very principles of freedom they claim to support.  

It’s a matter of perspective whether that makes them idiots marching to a lost cause or self-righteous hypocrites. All I can say to such self-inflicted dysfunction is, bless their fearful hearts.  

Besides fear, some other things they have in common are narrow, reactionary, authoritarian, racist and patriarchal views of the world. They see their reflexive support of a dictatorial leader and defiant opposition to a “dad-gum gov’ment” as magically righting grievances in a rapidly changing world, viewing all those who don’t share their vision as illegitimate Americans and illegal voters.  

Such open contempt for these differences has long been part of an entitled mindset in the Republican-controlled General Assembly, where they spent decades suppressing voters and gerrymandering districts. This is one of many things the new Democratic-controlled legislature will be fixing this year.

Speaking of entitled attitudes, our board of supervisors recently approved yet another development project in Zion Crossroads, knowing that relying on the Green Springs wells is unsustainable and showing a lack of foresight which affects several other projects, including the 605 mega park.

Since what happens at a local level affects you far more that what happens at the state or Congressional level, it would be in everyone’s best interest to start attending supervisors meetings. Ask them to have an independent group investigate charges of mismanagement of the water pipeline project, and to resolve their dispute with the Monacan Nation over the location of the intake site.

Considering that the county has already spent a fair portion of the $50 million allocated for this project, you might want to hurry up and get your two cents’ worth in before it’s all gone.

Jon Taylor


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