Heat advisories are in effect and Louisa County officials have opened cooling centers for area residents to seek relief.  

Heat indices are expected to be above 105 degrees through the weekend, and Saturday is forecast to be the hottest day with heat index values anticipated to exceed 110 degrees.

County officials have designated the Betty J. Queen Intergenerational Center and the Louisa Library as locations where local residents can go to take advantage of the air conditioning. Several local churches are also opening their doors. 

While service animals may be allowed on most premises, household pets are prohibited.

The county encourages citizens to schedule outdoor activities in the early morning and evening hours when it’s cooler. Dehydration can occur quickly in extreme temperatures.

Louisa County Fire and EMS reminds people to drink plenty of fluids and wear light breathable clothing including hats and take advantage of frequent rest periods in shaded areas. 

They also remind everyone that temperatures inside vehicles can quickly reach or exceed 150 degrees, resulting in heat stroke or even death. Never leave children or pets in your vehicles.