Five life sentences for man convicted of sex crimes

A Louisa County man was sentenced today to five life sentences for rape, sodomy and producing child pornography.

Raymond Harry, 37, of Mineral had pleaded guilty to the charges, enabling him and prosecutors to avoid a jury trial scheduled to begin today in Louisa Circuit Court.

The victim was a child and a relative of Harry's. The offenses took place in Harry's recreation vehicle in 2017 and 2018. After obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle on Mitchell Point Road in December 2018, the Louisa County Sheriff's Office found numerous digital media devices with evidence of the crimes.

In addition to sexual abuse, Harry gave the child methamphetamine, a controlled substance, according to Robert Wood, Louisa County deputy commonwealth's attorney. 

The five life sentences are for the rape and sodomy charges. Circuit court Judge Timothy Sanner gave Harry a suspended sentence of the maximum of 20 to 30 years for the child pornography charges. There were 50 separate counts, with the total amounting to more than one thousand years in prison. 

“This is the type of conduct that will take years, if ever, [for the victim] to recover from,” Sanner said.

Note: This version of the article is corrected from the original one, which included an incorrect date for the search of the recreational vehicle. Prosecutors did not specify to what extent the crimes occurred in Louisa County.

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