Frosties Rail Stop

Damian and Stewart Weaver serve up sweet treats inside Frosties Rail Stop on West Main Street in Louisa.

Damian Weaver is a hard worker by anyone’s standards. He works four jobs and since the beginning of this year has been the proud owner of Frosties Rail Stop in Louisa. 

During his teens, he worked both as a busboy at a restaurant in his hometown of Syria, Virginia, and for his father in roofing. He continued moving his way up the ladder everywhere he went. When there were no more rungs on the ladder, he replaced it with a taller one. 

“When I learn something, I want to see how all the pieces work, how they fit together,” he said. “I’ve never just had one job at some place. I’m always a little bit of everything. When I got into working at the gym, I was the cleaner, I was a trainer, I was a sales guy… That’s the way I’ve always been.”

Weaver’s jack-of-all-trades attitude has given him a unique background and seemingly limitless work ethic that befits a successful entrepreneur. 

The 31-year-old says he’s not done climbing.

He has learned to succeed as an entrepreneur, overcoming the issues that many small business owners face.

“I had to get really creative and learn how to be a self-starter, a hustler,” Weaver said. “It’s made me who I am today.”

His capacity for work is limitless. Weaver works full-time in sales and financing at Price Kia in Charlottesville, part-time at Anytime Fitness and Experience Media, and now owns an ice cream shop. 

The idea came from working with his father-in-law, a real estate developer who is building a shopping center in the 5th Street area of Charlottesville.

“We started playing around with the idea of my ultimate goal, which is to open my own business,” Weaver said. 

Initially, they considered opening in Charlottesville, but after looking at surrounding areas, they eventually settled on Louisa County. 

Damian and his wife, Stewart, took over Frosties Rail Shop from Matt Cole.  

“The response has been very welcoming,” Weaver said. “I’m from a small town in Madison, and I got that same feeling when I came to the Louisa County area. Everybody knows everybody.”

Frosties has become one of the most popular destinations in the town of Louisa during the summer months. 

Special events such as Cone With a Cop, The Louisa Street Festival, and the Louisa Firemen’s Independence Day Parade, draws even more people to the small storefront located in the town’s public parking lot. 

It’s not unusual for several hundred people to stop in for a waffle cone, a sundae, or for their famous footlong hot dog in any given week. They frequently experiment with flavors for customers’ enjoyment. 

Frosties Rail Stop offers customers a chance to relax and cool off in the shade, something the Weavers don’t have time for themselves these days. 

“It won’t be that way forever, though,” Damian said. 

In his early 30s, Weaver knows that working hard now will pay off later. 

“I’m still fairly young, you know, and we can grind it out now and get ourselves established as small business owners and get as much saved as we can so that we can relax and be comfortable later on.”

Frosties is located at 301 W. Main St. in Louisa and is open Tuesday through Saturday. Visit their Facebook page for more information and hours.

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