67 goats seized from Bumpass property

Authorities seized 67 goats they claim were in poor health from a Bumpass property on Sept. 9.

The animals suffered from a range of conditions, animal control officers for the Louisa County Sheriff's Office alleged. These include overgrown fleece and hooves, hoof rot, leg deformities and malnutrition, said Det. Chuck Love, a sheriff's office spokesman.

"Several appeared to have extreme difficulty walking and appeared to be walking on their knees," Love wrote in a statement released on Sept. 12.

One goat was euthanized at a veterinarian's recommendation, he said.  

Richard Bergeron, who owns the two-acre Wickham Road property where the goats were seized, said he had been caring for the goat that was euthanized. He claimed the goat's medication was on the table in his house "in plain view," but deputies did not take it.

Officers did confiscate several hundred dollars' worth of feed from the property, along with the goats, Bergeron said. They also removed a dog he had used to guard the goats.

"This county is out of control," he said. "We got home Monday afternoon and I saw the search warrant on my door, then I saw they had cut my fence and the goats were gone. No one had contacted me."

Bergeron said he was "behind" in the process of shearing the goats and hoof-trimming. 

"It was also determined that another goat, recently dropped off to a veterinarian by the owner, has died," Love said.

Love said charges may be pending after a seizure hearing is held in a Louisa County court.