Louisa native promotes child motion tracker

Louisa County High School graduate Kia Jackson plans to unveil the prototype of her new child safety device this weekend at the Betty J. Queen Intergenerational Center. 

The self-recharging B Safe Motion Tracker will allow parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing where their children are at all times, Jackson said. 

Operating off a piezoelectric battery, which uses motion and pressure to recharge itself, the device would be worn by a child on their shoe and would allow parents to see where the child is on their smartphone. 

Jackson, a George Washington University graduate and new mother, came up with the idea for the project after having her daughter.

“I work from home a lot, and I was just thinking how terrified I would be, not knowing where my child is,” she said. “I wanted to create a device that would help parents have peace of mind, and potentially save the life of their child in the event of an abduction or if the child went missing.”

Jackson quoted data from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which says there were over 424,000 entries for missing children in 2018.

Jackson, who works in the juvenile criminal justice system, took her idea to Dontecia Seymour, an entrepreneur and inventor coach. Seymour helped Jackson navigate the patent system and put her in touch with engineers who helped her design the device. 

For more information, members of the public are encouraged to attend the unveiling event on Oct. 5 at 2 p.m.  

“I really just want to put some good into the world,” Jackson said.

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