Nonprofit, students help moms be mobile

Diapers. Formula. Doctor visits … these are just a few of the many expenses mothers have to worry about. Reliable transportation shouldn’t be one of them, but it’s an issue for many mothers in Louisa County. 

Automotive students at Louisa County High School are doing their part to put their skills into practice to lighten the loads of mothers in need this holiday season in collaboration with Ginny and Eddie Brown, founders of Giving Words, a Louisa-based nonprofit. 

The Browns gave refurbished vehicles to three local mothers on Dec. 3 at Louisa County High School. The 2004 Chevy Venture, 2006 Chrysler Town & Country and 2003 Chevy Impala were donated by members of the community and restored by students taking a career and technical education course. 

“It means everything,” one of the mothers joyfully said, when presented with keys to her new vehicle. 

The Browns requested that the women not be identified.

“Out of the 40 mothers we have [worked with], four have a support system, but the other ones don’t,” Eddie Brown said. “So part of our hope is giving a car as an action, which is kind of like God’s love in action. 

“But the main purpose is using the car, ironically, as a vehicle to connect these families to the community and building a support system to further these mothers and the next generation that they’re raising to become successful.”

The Browns, along with staff and students of the career and technical education program, partnered with more than 60 local businesses to make the repairs possible at a discounted rate. In total, the repairs cost nearly $700 for all three vehicles.  

To learn more about Giving Words or to get involved, please visit