Rezoning approved for lake shopping

A 125-acre property at Wares Crossroads near Lake Anna was rezoned to commercial use on Oct. 7, paving the way for a future shopping center.

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors backed the rezoning 7-0. Gary Griffith, who is developing the site with Lonnie Carter, said he anticipates some construction is possible within two years. A full build-out of the site will take closer to a decade.

The developers will have to work closely with the Virginia Department of Transportation, which plans a roundabout on the property’s eastern edge. It’s projected to be built in 2023.

The supervisors’ vote included support for reducing building setbacks on streets within the development from 40 to 20 feet. Griffith said this will encourage a more pedestrian-oriented environment for shoppers and restaurant patrons.

Two landowners who live near the project site told the board they are worried about potential stormwater runoff, or lack of it, that could affect their land. One landowner said their pond could dry up if water is diverted away from her farm, while another said she is concerned that her property could face occasional flooding.

Before the vote, Griffith agreed to add language to a proffer document stating that “we will not increase peak flows and will not reduce the volume of water” exiting the property.