Did you know?

There is a lot of controversy around whether Santa Claus could deliver toys to all the children in the world. 

There are 7.7 billion people on the planet; 2.2 billion of which are children. That means for every 100 people, 35 are children. 

If the number of Christian children is approximately 35 percent of 2.2 billion, then there are 628 million Christian children on the planet. 

The number depends on what other variables are used, such as some small countries celebrating Christmas on a different day and secular groups that also celebrate Christmas. Some Christian groups don’t celebrate Christmas at all. 

Estimates for delivery times are as low as 6,100 and as high as 7,268 children per second. So, ignoring the variations for simplicity’s sake, and using the lowest number available, it would still require Santa to deliver presents to at least 6,100 children per second. If we work with this lowest number, it’s still quite a challenge, but there just might be a way for him to do it. 

There is a theory going around the scientific community. The theory states that in our universe there are three dimensions and that there is a super universe with nine dimensions. Inside the super universe there are multiple three-dimensional universes stacked on top of one another, with ours being one of them. 

It is kind of like the newspaper you’re reading. There are multiple two-dimensional “worlds,” each in the same three-dimensional space. Now maybe Santa had a team of top scientists that have made a way for him to hop into a different universe where time and space act differently. He might have warehouses distributed around the earth in other universes so we can’t see them. This would aid in distribution and delivery. He might even have clones, each in a different universe assisting him. He could pass through the walls of a house and deliver the presents without a sound. As for how he gets around in this other universe, he could use the cookies in a fusion reactor to power robot reindeer. This would allow him to get around the world and deliver all presents in one night. 

So remember, even when the odds are against you, with Christmas spirit and cookies you can do the impossible. 

Thomas Larkin is an 11-year-old Louisa County resident.

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