The following information was provided by the Louisa County Circuit Court clerk’s office. This is only half of August's property transfers — the rest will be posted on this site next week. See image above for explanation of deed types.


Mark M. Hughes to Melissa Hughes Thompson, Louisa 7.879 ac Lot 2 Parcel Y 3.722 A

Walter S. Zielinski to Ashley Pullen, Louisa Section I 1.653 ac $27,000 (DBS)

Stephen R. Langone to John Christopher Casazza, Cuckoo Phase 2 $39,200 (DBS)

Vincent G. Kicas to Thomas Christopher Burger, Cuckoo 0.918 ac, $526,400 (DBS)

Vincent G. Kicas to Thomas Christopher Burger, Cuckoo Section I (DG)

Rosemarie Baker to Kenneth E. Alley, Louisa 6.455, $175,000 (DBS)

David Clark to William Jesse Briggs, Jackson 7.078 ac Lot 4 $269,000 (DBS)

Diane Nathan to Brian Pottance, Cuckoo 5.056 ac $60,000 (DBS)

Kent Leaman to Mary F. Hyland, Cuckoo Section 1 $35,000 (DBS)

Mark Grygo -CO TR to Mark Grygo, Cuckoo 0.918 ac (DODS)

Mark Grygo to Mark Grygo - CO TR, Cuckoo 0.918 ac (DQC)

Richard J. Westphal to Richard J. Westphal-TR, Louisa CO 0.3219 Phase D Section (DIT)

Ronald E. Walker to Janice M. Woodson, Mineral 1.022 ac $160,000 (DBS)

William B. Margopoulos to GH Watts Construction Inc, Cuckoo 5.659 ac Section Two $73,500 (DBS)

Joel E. Rivenbark to Charles E. Hicks Jr., Mineral 36.33 ac $681,300 (DBS)

Jennifer M. Dunlap to Eric Andreoni, Jackson Parcel A $676,000 (DBS)

Brian Kutney to Grayson L. Campbell, Louisa Co 1.00 ac 158,050 (DBS)

Richard A. Trice III to Charlotte H. Trice, will probate tax qualifacation fee $3,923,050 (WILLS)

Owen Morriss to Donald Lewis Woodson Jr, GS 5.000 ac $146,900 (DBS)

Brenda K. Conway to Ignacio Perez Jr, Mineral 20.3529 ac $235,000 (DBS)

Daniel Karshenas to Justin Lee Carter, Jackson 1.990 ac $250,000 (DBS)

Winsotn I Whitehead to Kristine W. Bourque, Will & Transfer fee (WILLS)

Cyrus Alexander Weaver to Cyrus Alexander Weaver, Jacson 42.93 ac (DG)

John T. Winstead to Stone Thomas Winstead, Jackson 5.00 ac Lot 2 

Spring Creek Land Development LLC to Stanley Martin Companies LLC, Louisa Co Section 2 Phase F $130,000 (DBS)

Martha E. Johansson Co Exe to JCM III LLC, Louisa Co.$1,760,000 (DBS)

Ronald Anderson Perkins to Leon C. Perkins, GS $79,066 (DBS)

Patsy D. Corser to Kimberly Babcock, Louisa Co Parcel A 3.0 ac $178,000 (DBS)

Douglas M. Jennings to Juan Oscar Santos Flores, Jackson Dist $49,900 (DBS)

Charlene Nguyen to Joseph Chris Toe III, Louisa Co $72,800 (DBS)

Andrew L. Lemon to WW Whitlock Agency Inc, Cuckoo Dist Sect III $43,900 (DBS)

Stephen D. Harper to Debra L. Karr, Green Springs Dist $251,000 (DBS)

Donna R. Carioscia to West Homes of VA LLC, Cuckoo 0.918 ac $44,800 (DBS)

Kennon Road LLC to Kenneth M. Lancaster, Mineral 3.2 ac Phase12.214 ac $60,000 (DBS)

Kennon Road LLC to James Allen Poore, Mineral 2.194 ac 2.053 Phase 1 $59,000 (DBS)

Russell D. Curtis to Kenneth James Evatt, Cuckoo $225,000 (DBS)

Christopher Wade to Christopher Wade, Jackson 5.41 ac (DBSHW)

CMH Homes Inc to Jordan C. Plum, Louisa Co $250,000 (DBS)

Saulius Kavlaitis to Edward E. Cahill, GS $149,000 (DBS)

Jeffrey M. Odonnell to Theodore Tracy, Cuckoo $48,500 (DBS)

Custom Craft Homes LLC to Carl P. Davino, Town of Louisa $325,000 (DBS)

Sheila Heinze to West Homes of VA LLC, Louisa Co 2.496 ac Lot 6 $44,800 (DBS)

Sheila Blount to Angela Sensel, Cuckoo $342,500 (DBS)

Thomas F. Christian III to Thomas F. Christian Jr, Cuckoo 0.61 ac (DG)

Monarch Land LLC to Brandon W. Walker, Louisa Co 1.520 ac $233,183 (DBS)

Timothy P. Missigman to Shannon M. Everette, Louisa $319,000 (DBS)

Jeanne Tilley to Jack Tilley, will probate tax transfer fee $209,900 (WILLS)

Harvey Thompson to CMH Homes Inc, GS 22.132 ac $76,800 (DBS)

Donald K. Carl to Richmond Wholesale Deals LLC, GS $88,400 (DBS)

Brian W. Ban Benschoten to Robert Anderson Bradel, Cuckoo 0.918 ac Section I $50,000 (DBS)

Michael Radday to Daryll A. Pope, Cuckoo 1.444 ac Section 1 $206,000 (DBS)

Fred G. Leppig to Pagoda Management LLC, Louisa Co 24.578 ac 11.153 ac 2.156 ac $336,300 (DBS)

Alvis Bowman & Morgan LLC to Mitchell W. Peppers, Cuckoo 4.09 ac $39,000 (DBS)

Paul Bentley to Wayne Junior Brooks, Cuckoo 5.921 ac $47,000 (DBS)

Hidden Farm Estates LLC to Alfonso Benet, Mineral 1.5014 ac $242,200 (DBS)

Alicia Bennett to Christopher J. Claussen, Mineral 18.00 ac $78.00 (DBS)

Liberty Homes Inc to Albert James Mccray, Louisa Co 1.50 ac $242,600 (DBS)

Torchva LLC to Steven A. Stupar, Louisa Co. Section IV $100,000 (DBS)

Robert L. Fernandez to Sherwood Keith Jones, Cuckoo $633,500 (DBS)

Shelley M. Long to Ryan A. Morse, Louisa 1.447 ac $375,000 (DBS)

Dick Purcell Land Cattle and Timber to Mark W. Stuckey, Jackson 34.571 ac Lot 4 $144,500 (DBS)

John Wesley Rarer to Jean A. Zier, Cuckoo 0.918 ac $39,200 (DBS)

Charles Ashley Briley to Kevin W. Osborne, Cuckoo 1.83 ac $220,000 (DBS)

Harris Point Properties LLC to Charles W. Grewe TR, Cuckoo 2.00 ac Parcel A $475,000 (DBS)

Gloria Goodman to Inreach Capital Inc, GS $62,500 (DBS)

David L. Staake to Inreach Capital Inc, GS $12,000 (DBS)

Inreach Capital Inc to Michael Alger, GS $74,500 (DBS)

Alexander G. Christoffel to Raymond Jefferson Mcallister Tr, GS $135,000 (DBS)

Stacey Y. Hawk to Jacob N. Harris, Louisa Co $301,000 (DBS)

Katherine L. Taylor TR to Christy Sue TR, Cuckoo 3.01 ac Lot 25 $34,100 (DBS)

Grayson A. Hoffman to Krisjan P. Berzins, Louisa Co 0.929 ac $430,000 (DBS)

John E. Schneider to Terry M. Schneider, Will & Transfer fee (WILLS)

CMH Homes Inc to Chase Wayne Brummett, Mineral 1.96 ac $259,900 (DBS)

Lsa A. Schafer to Robert D. Mcclure, Cuckoo Section IV $210,000 (DBS)

Charles S. Conner to Mustafa K. Ahmed, GS $239,000 (DBS)

Kristen B. Recker to Kevin Wade Baugh, Jackson 1.251 ac 1,397,300 (DBS)

Sandra L. Deisterhoft to Jennifer Lee Grafton, Louisa Section 1 0.92 ac $424,900 (DBS)

Marlene Dunivan to Charles Anthony Osterman, GS 33.397 ac 11.338 ac Parcel A $419,000 (DBS)

Atlantic Builders LTD to Kyle Polend, GS Phase F Section 1 $409,335 (DBS)

Tammy T. Brown to David Brown, Louisa Co 1.50 ac $215,000 (DBS)

Mario Dones to John C. Ryall, Louisa Co Section 1 Phase A $379,900 (DBS)

Lewis R. Shifflett Jr to CMH Homes Inc, GS 2.758 ac Lot B $33,800 (DBS)

Sherry A. Mercer to Carroll Brown, Louisa 2,83 ac Parcel A1A $322,000 (DBS)

Sheila Blount TR to Matthew Bernd Schatz, Cuckoo Unit G-3 $362,100 (DBS)

Debra Hare to Derrick Hicks, Cuckoo 3.386 ac Lot 3A 2.963 ac Lot 3 $74,700 (DBS)

Wayne R. Byrd to Olivia B Mccarthy, T of Mineral Block 57 Lots 9-24 $248,000 (DBS)

Thomas B. White to David Mackay, Louisa Co 2.129 ac $265,000 (DBS)

Ronald H. Perkins to Matthew Rush Payne, Louisa 2.27 ac Parcel A 0.78 ac $260,000 (DBS)

Janice K. Fischer to Frederick Lawrence Full, Mineral 0.92 ac Section V $280,000 (DBS)

Alexandra Megan Mckinley to Andrew Dixon, Mineral 3.8421 ac (DPD)

Andrew Dixon to James R. Parisi, Mineral 3.8421 ac $39,200 (DBS)

Calvin Douglas Whitlock to Stephen J. Colburn, Louisa 2.737 ac Section I  $37,400 (DBS)

Stephen Boyd Simmers to Madeline L. Secundy, GS 4.342 ac Section III Phase 1 $430,000 (DBS)

Leslie S. Webb Jr to Crossroads Community Church, Louisa Co 0.57 ac Area A (DG)

Geraldine Walker to Lloyd Walker III, real estate affidavit (WILLS)

Nicholas L. Smith to Tyler T. Barlow, Louisa Co 2.26 ac $242,000 (DBS)

AI42 LLC to 114 Loch Lane Drive LLC, T of Louisa Lot 8 0.384 ac Lot 9 0.318 ac $469,000 (DBS)

Carvie Jerome Mason to Carvie Jerome Mason, Cuckoo 3.3 ac Parcel 1.20 3/4 ac Parcel (DG)

James S. Myers to Jeremy B. Eller, Cuckoo Section I $225,000 (DBS)

James Jojun Wang to Anthony Robert Thomas Jr, Cuckoo 2.556 ac Section I $315,000 (DBS)

Roland B. Walters to Donald Lee Wise Jr, Cuckoo Phase Two $39,000 (DBS)

Eastern Virginia Land Company Inc to John A. Mccallister, Mineral Lot 2A (DG)

Liberty Homes VA Inc to Devin J. Brown, GS 1.671 ac 321,830 (DBS)

Trumble Builders Inc to William Thomas Gathright, Jackson $299,900 (DBS)

Douglas C. Branch to Gladstone Properties LLC, Cuckoo 7.48 ac $16,400 (DBS)

Darrell L. Campbell to Jeffrey Allen Beach, Cuckoo Section 1 $33,750 (DBS)

Loretta R. Washington to Loretta R. Washington, GS 7.312 ac (DG)

Mildred Arlean Coles Anderson to Mildred Arlean Coles Anderson, Louisa Co (DG)

Barbara M. May to Wilbur R. May, will probate tax qualification fee (WILLS)





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