Louisa County's December 2020 property transfers

Scroll to the bottom of the page for an explanation of what the letters mean for each type of deed. For more information, contact the Louisa County Circuit Court clerk's office at 540-967-5312.

James Compton III to Lake Anna Home Building LLC, Cuckoo $40,000 DBS

CMH Homes INC to Chad Michael Barnett, Mineral $260,000 (DBS)

Stanley Martin Companies LLC to William Kay Weidman, Louisa Co Phase E Section 3 $513,962 (DBS)

Allen E Funkhouser to Patricia M Funkhouser, Mineral 0.280 ac 

Louisa County Post 116 American Le to Kevin Moody, Mineral 12.20 ac $80,000 (DBS)

Eugene A Striebel to West Homes of VA LLC, Cuckoo 1.15 ac $46,800 (DBS)

Victor Komatz to Victor Theodore Komatz Tr, Mineral 0.334 ac (DG)

James L Shelton to Linda Learn, Louisa 15.305 ac Parcel A $165,000 (DBS)

Michael W Harris to Oakland Country Homes LLC, Jackson Dist 2.94 ac $70,700 (DBS)

M Ailene Adkins to Larry Whiteside, Real Estate Affidavit (Wills)

Patricia M Funkhouser to Allen E Funkhouser, Mineral 0.280 ac 

Kristi Boyd to Crystal L Hamlett, Mineral 1.500 ac Lot 1A $179,000 (DBS)

Carl Williams to Emad Hanna, 2.470 ac Parcel B $71,300 (DBS)

Lawrence A Atkins to Lawrence and Violet Atkins Living T, Louisa 3.00 ac Lot 1

Lawrence A Atkins to Lawrence and Violet Atkins Living T, Louisa 3.00 ac Lot 3

Linda Joyce Waldron to Jacob Stephen Lee Richardson, GS 1.546 ac Lot 5A 1.547 ac Lot 5B 1.54 $260,000 (DBS)

Travis Lee King to Michael Harris, Cuckoo 5.20 ac $209,000 (DBS)

Parkway One LLC to Puneet Ahuwalia, Cuckoo $360,500 (DBS)

Evelyn M Robins to Evelyn M Robins, Cuckoo Section 1 (DG)

J Anne Austin Tr to J Anne Austin, Louisa 3.00 ac (DG)

J Anne Austin Tr to Jesse R Austin Jr, Louisa 35.542 ac Parcel A (DG)

Francis C Steinbauer Tr to Scott A Labott, 3GS $395,000 (DBS)

Stephanie A Brown to Michael F Johnson Jr, Cuckoo 1.03 ac section II $661,100 (DBS)

Robert S Dias to Michael Gagnon, Cuckoo 1.405 ac $659,000 (DBS)

Digna Castillion to Nathan Dobbins, Jackson 0.850 ac $61,500 (DBS)

Kellie D Baughman Sub Tr to Lori Noffsinger, GS $342,112 (DBS)

Gk Structures LLC to Ivan Arnaldo Ayala, Cuckoo Parcel B $233,500 (DBS)

Mill Run Inc to Lori Lynn Frazier Zaiken, Louisa Co $504,700 (DBS)

Roger Fortier to Noah Lucas Gallegos, Lacson 1.91 ac $221,500 (DBS)

Liberty Homes VA Inc to David M Sullivan, Louisa Co 1.5 ac $228,420 (DBS)

Phyllis P Cutright to Jerry L Cutright Tr, Mineral 1 ac 6.023ac (DG)

Catherine A Yeckley to David J Andersen, Jackson 3.765 ac $36,000 (DBS)

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc to Vacation Trust Inc, Louisa Co Int in 469 B/3F $10,250 (DBS)

Elmer C Gunn to John Armstrong Young, GS $118,000 (DBS)

Hunter E Aldridge to Phyllis L Adridge, Will & Transfer Fee (Wills)

Mill Run Inc to Alan Dale Bevard, Louisa Co $99,500 (DBS)

Sunset Cove Lake Anna LLC to Evergreene Companies LLC, Mineral 0.251 ac $110,000 (DBS)

Sunset Cove Lake Anna LLC to Evergreene Companies LLC, Mineral 0.290 ac $90,000 (DBS)

David A Gillespie to Johnette Alane Reed, Mineral 3.00 ac $375,000 (DBS)

Black Oak Development LLC to DBM Properties LLC, Louisa 2.46 ac $694,800 (DBS)

Ian Komarov to Taylor C Klug, Jackson 4.717 ac $211,000 (DBS)

Jeffrey L Bartlett to Bryan M Deangelis, Mineral Sec II $595,500 (DBS)

Robert Nielsen to Robert J Nielson Tr, Cuckoo 1.70 ac  (DIT)

Stanley Martin Companies LLC to Catherine Carrell Teague, $414,696 (DBS)

Hilda Amos Harper to Richard Lee Harper, Jackson 1.48 ac (DG)

Joseph Coleman Jr to Sarad Alex Davenport, GS Phase D Sec 2 Block A $440,000 (DBS)

Midland IRA Inc - FBO to David L Wooton, Cuckoo 1.014 ac $290,000 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Stanley Martin Companies LLC, Louisa Co Section 1 Phase F $181,900 (DBS)

Samuel G Campi Jr to Ashley Brook Cook, Louisa Co 2.500 ac $235,000 (DBS)

John Z Miller to Terry Wayne Edwards, Mineral Parcel A $250,000 (DBS)

Donald Lubreski to William E Slawson, Jackson 0.49 ac Section A $330,000 (DBS)

David A Biermann to Catherine Madden Hamilton, Jackson 42.84 ac $359,950 (DBS)

Henry Stanley Galaska Co Tr to Arash Heidaraian, Jackson 4.224 ac Section Two $785,000 (DBS)

Edmund Ingraham to Kelly Anne Via, Louisa Co 1.866 ac $297,000 (DBS)

GK Structures LLC to Bryan Adam Richardson, Cuckoo Parcel C $250,950 (DBS)

Timothy J Sudduth to Chad Cavendish, cuckoo 3.601 ac Lot 4 $38,000 (DBS)

Stephen W Byrnes to Stephen W Byrnes Tr, Louisa Co Section 2 Phase B (DG)

Betty Blair Dobbins Talley to Betty B Talley Tr, GS 89.42 ac (DQC)

Patsy H Carratt to Shamrock Corporation, GS 10.321 Ac Lot 1 $56,000 (DBS)

Kenneth Larry Winston Sr to Angela K Winston, Will, Probate Tax Qualification Fee $467,700 (Wills)

Shannon Fortune Fowler to Shannon Fortune Fowler, T of Louisa 0.19 ac Phase 1A (DG)

John A Klapmust Jr to John A Klapmust III, Mineral and Cuckoo 14.692 ac (DG)

Bennie J Etheridge to Matthew James Duffy, Cuckoo Section 1 Unit 12 $387,900 (DBS)

Jose C Gonzalez to Maksym Armash, Jackson 6.510 ac $48,500 (DBS)

Vertical Builders LLC to Rebecca Wilmouth, Jackson $272,328 (DBS)

Sheps Point LLC to GMWTG R&F LLC, GS 263.11 ac $877,000 (DBS)

Ashish Thapa to Ashish Thapa, Cuckoo 2.886 ac Lot 2B (DG)

Anthony C Barrett to Hollow Point Holdings LLC, T of Louisa $70,500 (DBS)

Nicholas J Whitley to Boris C Ragland Sr, Louisa Co 2.72 ac $235,000 (DBS)

Walts Construction Inc to Kennth Ian Bull, $294,900 (DBS)

Hidden Farm Estates LLC to Wesley L Bouchard, Mineral $258,131 (DBS)

Michael J Ternisky Dr to Michael J Ternisky Dr Tr, Cuckoo 1 ac (DG)

Lewis W Minor Jr to R Lee Downing II, Cuckoo 49.75 ac  $370,100 (DBS)

Shirley Anderson to R Lee Downing II, Cuckoo 28.1 ac and 3.22 ac $81,700 (DBS)

Clifton Ballard to Clifton O Ballard III,  GS Phase E Section 3 (DBSHW)

Central Virginia Investments LC to Dickinson Store Business Park, Mineral 2.000 ac (DG)

Myrtle H Hicks to Emilee R Austin, GS 4.56 ac Section 1 Lot 12 $242,500 (DBS)

Laury A McGowan to Robert Miller, Cuckoo $62,500 (DBS)

Donald C Hawkins to Stephen Grannis, Louisa Co 4.137 ac $220,000 (DBS)

David A Badertscher to Samson Felix Fitzroy Anderson, Jackson 2.46 ac Lot 11A $242,000 (DBS)

Sheila Blount Tr to William Joseph Blount, Mineral 1.867 ac $44,900 (DBS)

2 Gen Holdings LLC to Stanley Joseph Argust, Louisa Co $286,530 (DBS)

Jeremy L Johnson to Todd J Waddell, Louisa Co $906,000 (DBS)

Cleveland Ray Peyton to Allen Ray Peyton, Real Estate Affidavit (Wills)

James A Glaab Jr to Christopher P Heatwole, GS 5.101 ac $380,200 (DBS)

Stanley Martin Companies to William Randolph Reckert Tr, Louisa Co $495,133 (DBS)

Ivy Land Company LLC to Caleb N Hill, Jackson 6.790 ac $42,300 (DBS)

Wayne Baker to 6771 Spotswood LLC, GS 3.20 ac $188,400 (DBS)

Robert R Mitchell Tr to Robert R Mitchell Tr, Cuckoo 

Robert R Mitchell Tr to Kali Taylor Mitchell, Cuckoo 3.111 ac (DG)

Dorothy H Luck to Thomas Kellam Luck, Will Probate Tax Transfer Fee $135,300 (Wills)

Stone Circle Holding LLC to Sonali Basu, cuckoo 2.440 ac $235,300 (DBS)

Spring Creek Land Development to Stanley Martin Companies LLC, Louisa Co Section 1 Phase F $391,889 (DBS)

Merle M Clough to Jean Clough Hollins, Will, Probate Tax Transfer Fee $210,400 (Wills)

James J Baker Tr to Kerri J Watson, Cuckoo 1.113 ac $330,200 (DBS)

Hilda Drazdowsky to Zachary Todd Hoffman, Louisa Co 1.070 ac Parcel E1 $190,000 (DBS)

Theresa M Perala to Brian Fitzwilliam Buechel Tr, Louisa Co 1.180 ac Lot 8 $675,000 (DBS)

HLJD LLC to Howard S Loudin, Lots 12,13,14,15 and 16 Block 26 (DODS)

Liberty Homes Inc to Amanda J McLean, Louisa 1.08ac Section 1 $239,540 (DBS)

Stanley Martin Companies LLC to Charlie E Peek, Louisa Co Phase E Section 2 $413,525 (DBS)

Dawn C Starkes-Hope to Sunset Forest LLC, Louisa/Hanover 201.908 ac (DBS)

Vernon C Lewis to Emma Jean Lewis, Louisa Co 21.25 ac (Wills)

Ledrew W Hudson to Yana S Hudson, Louisa Co 21.25 ac (Wills)

Yana S Hudson to Vaniell Bridges, Louisa Co 21.25 ac $75,000 (DBS)

Patricia A Fritter-Olsen to Tallpines956 LLC, Cuckoo 1.153 ac $910,000 (DBS)

John H Grose to Jack A Cooper, Mineral 1.428 ac $145,000 (DBS)

Thomas J Mockbee III to Anita G Baivier Tr, Jackson $735,000 (DBS)

Larry K Morrison to Charles Edward Anderson Jr, Cuckoo 1.379 ac $47,000 (DBS)

Brendan Souder to Homequote LLC, Mineral two 2 ac one 1 ac $33,700 (DBS)

Mathew Cole to James Lewis Thacker III, GS 6.90 ac Lot 9 $257,000 (DBS)

James P Crocker Tr to Scott Copperman, Jackson $795,000 (DBS)

Hidden Farm Estates LLC to Chung Yeom, Mineral $294,849 (DBS)

Mark Thurston to Kent E Wilfong, Louisa Co 10 ac $212,800 (DBS)

Allen B Jennings to JD Goodman Builders Inc, Jackson 32.098 ac $203,000 (DBS)

Walts Construction Inc to Tammra C Whalen, GS Phase I $333,900 (DBS)

Katherine E Duke to Marsha F Burnette, Mineral 2.193 ac Parcel C2 $229,000 (DBS)

Greenery Group LLC to Justin CLendenin, Cuckoo $65,000 (DBS)

Frederic Newton to Equity Trust Company, Cuckoo $272,900 (DBS)

JDHL LLC to James M Perry, Louisa Co $241,000 (DBS)

Kevin P Odonnell to Elliott Corbett Ardrey, Louisa Co 17.00 ac Parcel A $235,000 (DBS)

Grover L Bradley to Stonie Lee Riley, Will Probate Tax Transfer fee $167,000 (Wills)

Spring Creek Land Development to EGGC LLC, Louisa Co 0.334 ac $181,700 (DBS)

James Douglas Ballif to Frank Travis Ballif, Cuckoo $109,950 (DBS)

Frank Travis Ballif to Ballif Investments LLC, Cuckoo (DBS)

Stanley R Gonyo Tr to Stanley R Gonyo, Jackson 25.99 ac (DPD)

Aaron Collvins to Hardwood Properties LLC, Mineral 1.684 ac $27,400 (DBS)

Serenity Cove LLC to John A Romano, Jackson (DBS)

Jeffrey R Baugus to Serenity Cove LLC, Jackson (DBS)

John A Romano to Jeffrey R Baugus, Jackson $500,000 (DBS)

Lake Anna Development Corp to John A Romano, Jackson $546,300 (DBS)

Amy V Knight to Jack J Vandenberghe, Cuckoo $23,300 (DBS)

Lauren Riddell Lowe to Nicholas Zauner, Town of Mineral $141,300 (DBS)

John P Rindge to Philip H Madell, Louisa Co $448,001 (DBS)

Elijah K Smith to Elijah K Smith, Jackson 5.098 ac (DG)

Andrew Allen Carpenter Dec to Gary Hunley, GS 2.104 ac (DG)

Clyde Manning Locker to Alexander James Morrison, GS 3.309 ac (DG)

David Lohrey to Randy Bock, Cuckoo $294,950 (DBS)

Benoit Laverdure to Simon Laverdure, Cuckoo $230,000 (DBS)

Oakland Country Homes LLC to Page Aylett Call, Jackson 2.762ac $365,000 (DBS)

CMH Homes Inc to Nicholas W Krug, Mineral $257,900 (DBS)

Jean G Cardinal to Stephanie McCartney, Mineral 3.73 ac $37,700 (DBS)

Robert Allen Cole to Robert Allen Cole, Mineral 2.0 ac (DG)

Kenneth Gallmeyer to Kathy Dee Trembly, 26874 $217,500 (DBS)


What do those letters mean?

DBS- Deed of Bargain and Sale

DEX- Deed of Exchange

DTF- Deed of Trustee’s Foreclosure

DSC- Deed of Special Commissioner

DLF- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

DG- Deed of Gift

DP- Deed of Partition

DQC- Deed of Quit Claim

DPD- Deed Pursuant Divorce

DIT- Deed In Trust

DISC- Disclaimer

DBSLE- Deed of Bargain & Sale with Life Estate

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