Man charged with shooting neighbor’s dog

A Louisa County man was charged with killing his neighbor’s dog after it allegedly bit him on his property.

Steve Hellems, 51, owner of Hellems & Sons Sporting Goods on Ellisville Drive, was released on a bond after the April 28 incident. In addition to shooting the dog three times, Hellems was charged with assaulting the neighbor and breaking her glass screen door.

The neighbor submitted a complaint, filed in Louisa County General District Court, stating that she was awakened by gunshots in her yard at 2:30 a.m. When she went outside, she saw Hellems trying to pull the dog’s chain over its head. She said Hellems then dragged the dog to her porch and verbally and physically assaulted her. After she retreated into the house, he broke the screen door before leaving.

Hellems told Animal Control Chief Alyssa Ellison that the dog bit him on his property and then ran back to its owner’s yard. He went to his house to get his gun, then walked to the neighbor’s yard and shot the dog where it was normally tethered.

Hellems made his initial court appearance on May 18 on the assault and vandalism charges and on May 27 for killing the dog. Both hearings were continued to July 13.


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