Mineral DMV switches schedule

The Town of Mineral's DMV Select office will adopt a schedule similar to full-service DMV offices beginning on Nov. 1. File Photo

The Mineral DMV Select will be changing its hours again after the first of the month to match the schedule being used by full-service DMV offices.

Earlier this month, the state announced that they will change from only seeing customers by appointment to taking walk-in customers on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will remain appointment-only. At their meeting on Oct. 12, the Mineral Town Council unanimously approved adopting the same system for the town’s DMV Select beginning on Nov. 1, except for Saturdays.

After more than a year of taking walk-in customers, the Mineral DMV Select switched to an appointment system in August. Even so, they were still getting some walk-in customers and would try to help them if they had time. 

Shannon Hawkins, one of the town’s DMV clerks, spoke to council about changing their schedule to match what the full-service DMVs are doing. While she and the other clerks are hoping to avoid the late nights they were having nearly every day before switching to an appointment-based system, she noted that they are still getting walk-in customers.

“When the full-service DMVs are doing walk-ins, we don’t have as many appointments, but we have more people coming in thinking we’re doing the same thing,” she said. “We try to get them in as much as we can.”

Hawkins suggested implementing the new schedule on Nov. 1 to allow the clerks time to notify customers and to update the town’s website with the new information.

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