Pouring refreshments

Jordan and Dawson Gray (l-r) are selling lemonade in front of their home in the Reedy Creek subdivision to raise some spending money for themselves.

If you’re looking for a homemade way to stay cool as summer temperatures rise, a pair of brothers in the Reedy Creek subdivision have you covered.

Jordan and Dawson Gray – age 10 and seven, respectively – started their lemonade stand three weeks ago as a way to help raise money to buy a video game.

When they first set up the stand, the boys had about 20 cups based on what was around their house at the time. Fortunately, the neighbor who bought their last cup had more that they were willing to donate to keep the stand going, bringing in the money for the game in the first couple of days.

Even after they’d raised the money for the game, the boys kept the stand going, hoping to save up money for other things, such as a camera and a drum set.

“They realized it was a decent use of their time,” said Amanda Gray, Jordan and Dawson’s mother.

The boys are out selling their homemade lemonade most weekday afternoons from 3:30 to 5.

“We try to keep the time consistent so people know when they’re out,” Amanda said.

The brothers have divided the labor among themselves, with Jordan taking charge of making the lemonade while Dawson sets up the stand when it’s time to go out. They make every effort to be conscious of their customers’ health, with Jordan washing his hands before making the lemonade and both using hand sanitizer before serving customers.

“We also try to keep our distance from some of the older people,” Jordan added.

One of the things that sets their stand apart from others is that Jordan and Dawson have loyalty cards for their customers to take. Customers who use them when they buy six glasses of lemonade get a seventh glass free.

“When we lived in Lynchburg, there was a coffee shop my mom would go to that had loyalty cards and she’d always take one,” Jordan said. “I thought it would be a good way to get more business.”

So far, about 15 people have taken loyalty cards and use them on a regular basis.

They also offer free drinks to any and all first responders who come by the stand, though some have insisted on paying.

“The community has really come out to help them feel like little entrepreneurs,” Amanda said. “It’s been great.”

In addition to being a way to raise money, the lemonade stand has turned into a teaching opportunity for Jordan and Dawson, who are both homeschooled.

“This is a great way for us to teach basic math skills and how to reinvest [their money],” Amanda said. “They have learned profit margins and how to complete profit and loss statements.”

Of the money the boys bring in, 10 percent is given to New Life Community Church in Louisa, some is put toward supplies for the stand and the rest is divided evenly between Dawson and Jordan.

The boys plan to keep the stand open through the end of August.


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