Recent cases investigated by sheriff's office and town police

April 5: Destruction of property, 11700 block of Jefferson Highway (active)

April 3: Grand larceny, 800 block of Mt. Pleasant Church Road (active)

April 3: Marijuana possession, 9900 block of Three Notch Road (active)

March 31: Credit card theft, 4000 block of Chalk Level Road (cleared)

March 31: Assault and battery, 200 block of Passante Sr. Lane (cleared)

March 30: Marijuana possession, 400 block of Kents Store Road (cleared)

March 30: Marijuana possession, James Madison Highway (cleared)

March 30: Driving under the influence, 500 block of East Main Street (cleared)

March 29: Burglary, 10600 block of James Madison Highway (active)

March 29: Assault and battery, 100 block of Jefferson Highway (cleared)

March 26: Unauthorized use of vehicle, 200 block of Whitlock Road (cleared)

March 26: Abduction and sexual battery, 300 block of Lyde Avenue (cleared)

March 26: Drunk in public,  500 block of East Main Street (cleared)

March 25: Possession of controlled substance, 4800 block of Oakland Road (active)

March 25: Assault on a family member, 100 block of Jefferson Lane (cleared)

March 25: Driving under the influence, 11600 block of Shannon Hill Road (active)

March 24: Grand larceny, 100 block of Labor Lane (active)

March 24: Destruction of property, first block of Shenandoah Crossing Drive (active)

March 24: Oral threats to harm school employee, 200 block of Elm Avenue (cleared)

March 24: Grand larceny, first block of Pointer Lane (active)

March 23: Assault on a family member, 5800 block of Zachary Taylor Highway (cleared)

March 23: Dumping trash on state highway, 8800 block of West Jack Jouett Road (cleared)

March 23: Identity fraud, 200 block of Poplar Drive (cleared)

March 22: Assault on a family member, 3900 block of Goldmine Road (cleared)

March 20: Gun possession by felon, 2900 block of Paynes Mill Road (active)


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