An alternate truck route and new solar facility is on the minds of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors as they prepare for their Nov. 22 meeting. 

The current tractor trailer route allows trucks to use Chopping Road (Route 623) and Davis Highway (Route 22-208) to access the town of Louisa, as they cut through Louisa County between Interstates 95 and 64. According to the public hearing notice, a recommended alternate route would be Mineral Avenue/Pendleton Road (US Route 522) and Jefferson Highway (US 33). 

Mineral Mayor Pam Harlowe brought the public hearing to the attention of the Mineral Town Council at their regular business meeting on Nov. 8, encouraging the members to attend to learn more about the proposed route and to possibly suggest widening the road as an alternative to changing the route.

“If they [reroute trucks through town], the truckers are going to have to make two terrible turns,” she said.

Council members Tony Henshaw and Ed Kube agreed with the mayor that improving Chopping Road would be a better solution.

“[Changing the route] is going to pass the headache from there to here, and it’s going to be worse here,” Henshaw said.

Another big project that pertains to that area is the Mine and Hemmer utility-scale solar facility. Charles Purcell and Supervisor Eric Purcell (Louisa) own a plot of land they would like to be used for a solar facility. They are working with Aura Power Solar (USA), LLC to build this facility just outside of the town of Mineral. 

The project would sit on 448.9 acres and could produce up to 94 megawatts. The applicant is asking for a conditional use permit and for the determination that the proposed facility is in accordance with the 2040 Louisa county Comprehensive Plan.

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