There’s a new spa in town

Margaret Mohr shows off the space where she treats spa clients on Church Street in the town of Louisa. 

The Flora Bella Organic Spa specializes in caring for the largest organ: skin.

“People don’t realize how great it is for your skin to be on a regimen of good skin care products and to have treatments done on a regular basis,” said Margaret Mohr, the spa’s owner and a Louisa resident. The business officially opened on Church Street in the town of Louisa on May 19. 

Mohr offers services such as microdermabrasion, peels, and LED light treatments and uses natural, organic ingredients without toxins, carcinogens and chemicals. It’s important to her to use whole ingredients that her clients will feel good about putting on their skin. 

“Flora means flower and Bella means beautiful,” Mohr said. “We’re from the Earth, and the products that I use are from the Earth. I think it just works better.” 

Mohr says microdermabrasion treatments are among the most popular. This treatment works by exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. As a result, it brightens the skin, uses oxygen to stimulate the skin cells, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

For this treatment, Mohr uses baking soda crystals and flower powders. 

“Baking soda crystals actually balance your skin to 5.5 [pH] without any toxins or carcinogens,” Mohr said. “And when you use the flower powders, you actually get the benefits of the flower itself.” 

Different flowers offer different benefits. Rose, for example, offers anti-aging benefits, while lavender offers microbial beneficials that may be ideal for acne-prone skin. 

“People are usually very surprised how their skin feels afterwards,” Mohr said. 

Mohr has been immersed in the beauty industry since 1985. She first specialized in nail care and then in hair, but neither really sparked her interest. Then, “one thing led to another,” and in 2001, Mohr went to school to study skin care. 

“Skin care started becoming more popular, and it just caught my attention,” Mohr said. “I checked into it and I just absolutely love it.” 

Mohr sources ingredients for these treatments from FarmHouse Fresh, an e-commerce shop that specializes in organic products for spas and donates proceeds to maintaining their farm animal sanctuary. 

“You can look on the bottom of products and go online to see exactly where that money went,” Mohr said. “That was a big thing for me.”

Mohr wants her clients to feel good about the ingredients she uses – both that the ingredients are natural and helps previously abandoned farm animals.

She opened the first Flora Bella Organic Spa in Richmond three years ago and is excited to bring one to Louisa County. 

“I hope that people come in and realize the treatments are available and that we are reasonably priced so that people can afford to do them,” Mohr said. 

Due to COVID-19, Mohr is holding off on a grand opening event, but is planning to have one once it’s safe for people to gather again. 


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