Touching hearts at home

Jessica Waller owns and operates Touching Hearts at Home in Louisa, providing home care for a variety of patients throughout Louisa County and central Virginia.


A new organization in Louisa is offering home care services for aging adults, seniors and people with disabiliites or medical conditions.

Touching Hearts at Home, founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, currently operates in 20 states through locally-owned and operated offices. The Louisa location is the first in Virginia. Owner Jessica Waller and her staff will offer services throughout central Virginia, but Louisa County will be their main focus.

Waller has served the Louisa community as a registered nurse for more than 20 years. Prior to becoming a nurse she got her first taste of medical training in the army, going through emergency medical technician training while she was working in an intelligence facility.

“If there was a medical emergency, the ambulance guys weren’t allowed in the building, so we had to stabilize the patient and carry them outside to the medical personnel,” she said.

That was Waller’s first taste of health care, and it turned into her career path. She became a registered nurse after leaving the army, with a focus on caring for the elderly.

“It’s is almost like caring for children, in the sense that you’re taking care of people who can’t always care for themselves,” she said. “I know I can take care of people and I can provide them with the kind of care that they need.”

Touching Hearts at Home offers a variety of services for their patients, assisting them with everything from bathing to meal preparation to picking up groceries and making sure they attend their doctor’s appointments. Waller’s goal with Touching hearts is to provide patients with a daily routine.

In addition to seniors, Touching Hearts provides long-term care for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other chronic illnesses. They also offer care for patients who are returning home from a visit to the hospital or a stay in a rehabilitation facility, respite care for people looking after loved ones in hospice and even care for mothers who have just delivered a baby and need help at home.

With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, Waller and her staff are taking precautions to prevent getting the virus and spreading it to their patients. All of the staff and caregivers at Touching Hearts are trained in the best practices and precautions for limiting the spread of the virus.

“We’re doing daily temperature screenings, washing and sanitizing our hands and wearing masks,” Waller said. “When we get to the patient’s home we speak to them through the door to see if they have any symptoms before we go inside.

“We are committed to helping families and individuals make decisions they will not regret,” she added. “Caring is what we do.”

To learn more about Touching Hearts at Home, visit their website at


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