Town of Mineral considers dissolving

The future of the town of Mineral may be in question. Town Council voted 3-2 to begin the process of anulling the town’s charter at their July 12 meeting.

The town was established in 1890 and was originally called Tolersville. In 1902, the town was incorporated under the name Mineral.

Ed Jarvis made the motion  to begin the process, citing concern that town residents are paying taxes to both the county and the town, and that the town provides few services of its own to residents.

“When the town first got its charter, we had our own school system, police department and even a court system,” he said. “Without those core components, the question becomes what is the town doing for [the residents]?”

Jarvis noted that the one service that the town provides on its own is trash pickup, which has been contracted out to Updike Industries since 2017. The town also provides residents with water, but has been supplementing it with water from the Louisa County Water Authority for the past several years.

Mayor Pam Harlowe expressed confusion over why the action was being considered.

“Towns don’t usually do this unless they’re deeply in debt,” she said. “Mineral is actually thriving, so why do you want to turn it over to the county?”

In response, Jarvis reiterated his question about what services the town provides its citizens.

“We’ve gotten to call it home,” Harlowe said.

The motion passed with Jarvis, Tommy Runnett and Roy “Snake” McGehee voting in favor. Ed Kube and David Lawson voted against. 

“I’ve heard [this issue] talked about from time to time, but I haven’t had anyone come to me in years saying that this is a dire situation that begs to be dealt with,” Kube said, adding that he would like to hear from the residents of the town on the issue.

The next step in the process is to talk to the Louisa County Board of Supervisors and to come to an arrangement for the county to take over the town. If the county agrees, the town will ask for a referendum for town residents to vote on whether the town should remain incorporated.


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