Surviving the pandemic in style

Watching coronavirus updates on the television these days is both sobering and scary.  Although I know humanity as a whole will persevere, the reality is that many of our lives will likely be forever changed somehow. That being said, I’d like to use this column to share with you some uplifting moments which recently occurred in Zion Crossroads.

For example, our neighborhood held a “Springtime Safari.” One lovely warm spring afternoon, volunteers decorated their front yards, porches and windows with stuffed animals.  Then participants could walk, bike or drive around, making fun discoveries and sightings of ferocious stuffed bears, tigers and other creatures. The children loved it, and quite honestly the adults did too!

Neighbors are keeping in touch via phone and social media to make sure everyone is okay.  Puzzles, movies, and books are shared to help while away the time. They are usually traded by being left on the front porch for pickup. People offer to run errands and grocery shop for others. There are no social gatherings, of course, but people out walking smile and say hi while maintaining that six feet of distance apart.

One day some neighbors wrote “Hi Laura and Rick” in chalk on our driveway. In pink and yellow, such uplifting and fun springtime colors. It’s amazing how such a relatively simple gesture could make us smile so much. But it sure did!  

Zion Crossroads merchants have begun delivery, pickup and special hours for the elderly and people with weak immune systems. Nextdoor is used to help communicate news to large numbers of folks. People in general are still striving to help those in need. It’s so uplifting to see so many good things happening.

We are all in this together! Concentrating on the positive things will help get us through this pandemic. Be safe, everyone.

Laura Schupp lives in Zion Crossroads. Her Thoughts from the Crossroads column appears regularly in The Central Virginian.

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