Thoughts from the Crossroads: Sandwiches

Laura lives in Zion Crossroads peacefully with her husband Rick, despite his preferring mayonnaise on his sandwiches. Neither of their cats, Hallie or Bella, likes mayonnaise either. Laura would love to hear what kind of sandwich you enjoy. She can be reached at

Dear Readers, apparently I’m hungry as I write this column, because the only subject I want to think about is sandwiches. Here we go!

I grew up eating sandwiches on Wonderbread. When I was 7 years old, my Mom sent me to the neighborhood market to buy a loaf. In our small Illinois town, stores closed at 5 p.m. on Saturday and were closed all day on Sundays (back then it was called the Blue Law). About 4:30 on Saturday Mom realized in a panic we had no bread in the house. She gave me a quarter and I walked a couple of blocks to the store and back. Unfortunately, I didn’t take special care while carrying the bread and we all ate very squashed sandwiches for lunch at school on Monday. My Mom and sisters were Mad. At. Me! Yep, I learned a little lesson that weekend.

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