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Laura Schupp resides in Zion Crossroads with her husband Rick and two cats. She would love to hear from you at


 Due to Covid, my mother, sisters and I hadn’t seen each other in over two years. That is a looooooong time! So recently we all converged at Mom’s house for several days. We had a lot of time to make up! Fun question: How do you celebrate four holidays in less than a week? Well dear readers, I’m here to tell you all about it. Buckle your seatbelts for a wild and fun ride!

Sunday, October 31st. Early Halloween morning, Rick and I packed up our car and hit the road. Our destination: my mother’s home on Amelia Island, in the northeast corner of Florida. It’s a long ole drive, but every time we stopped for gas or food, we saw cute Halloween-costumed children or restaurant servers. When we finally arrived at Mom’s home around 7:30 p.m., we saw trick or treaters going door to door. So, that was holiday #1 - Halloween!

Monday, November 1st. Both my sisters flew to Florida to join us. It was a gorgeous weather day, so we dined alfresco at an oceanfront restaurant to celebrate everyone being together. Then we walked on the beach, looking for shells and savoring the warm waves splashing around our feet. Not a holiday, but a fun day nonetheless. Finally we were all together. Let the good times roll!

Tuesday, November 2nd. We started early by assembling two Christmas trees, and then brought out boxes and bins of Christmas stuff. Mother has been having knee issues, so we wanted to bring everything down from the second floor and decorate her trees. It didn’t take long at all before it looked like a Christmas bomb had exploded on her living room floor. But we worked all day until the trees were finished and the house was all decorated for Christmas. That was holiday #2 - Christmas!

Wednesday, November 3rd. One of my sisters and I went to the beach before dawn to watch the sunrise. Gorgeous and memorable, as always. After we returned home, we ladies began to prepare a mid-day Thanksgiving turkey feast. An 18-pound bird, plus all the usual side dishes, and two kinds of pie for dessert. Lots (and lots) of cooking and clean up, but everyone had plenty to eat and there were lots of leftovers. That was holiday #3 - Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 4th. We girls spent the day shopping in the cute downtown area, purchasing a few things and giggling a lot. Then we joined the guys for dinner at a nice restaurant. We all had wine or cocktails, and toasted to a wonderful time together. After returning to Mom’s home, we stayed up waaaaaaay too late. That was holiday #4 - New Year’s Eve!

On Friday, all too soon, my sisters flew home. Rick and I stayed until Saturday. We drove home through a nor’easter in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. So much wind and rain! But we knew Hallie and Bella missed their parental units, and we missed them. So we persevered and kept driving until we were back in Zion Crossroads.

In true irony, after celebrating so many holidays into the future with my family, we arrived home to find our Halloween jack-o-lanterns still on the front porch. Well into November. Oops! But we quickly remedied that oversight and came inside to give our kitties lots of love and affection. Nowhere is quite as wonderful as home sweet home.


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