Laura Schupp - headshot for guest column

Laura Schupp is a Zion Crossroads resident.

My husband recently asked me if I would give him a haircut, so he wouldn’t have to go to the salon and be in close proximity to others. Darn coronavirus! We both had mixed feelings about this. I have zero cosmetology training, but he really needed a trim.  

A long time ago, I remember giving my boyfriend at the time a haircut. He was quite good-natured about my attempt, until my scissors cut a little too much off, and out of sheer reflex I said, “Oops!” Immediately and not surprisingly, he wanted to know what had happened. I showed him in the mirror that my misstep wasn’t too horrible, and he rather nervously let me finish the job. We both learned an important lesson that day. He learned to get his hair cut by a professional, and I learned how saying a seemingly insignificant word like “oops” can make someone very nervous.

So it came to be that Rick sat in front of me, hair freshly washed, with a towel draped around his shoulders. I had my best scissors and started cutting his hair, doing my best to follow the previous cut from the hairdresser. I also had in my mind what I would say if I cut some of his hair too short (definitely not oops!). Nope, I planned to just look thoughtful and mention to him that the newest fashion look was, well, however his hair looked. And then see if he fell for it. 

I also had a couple of backup plans.  A magic marker was hidden in my pocket, and I thought I might be able to surreptitiously fill in any spots where I cut too close to the scalp. Failing that, I planned to tell him that hats are back in fashion this year.  Yep, I like to be prepared!

So now you’re probably wondering how Rick’s hair looked after I was finished.  Well, he’s still talking to me. I figure that’s a good sign. On the other hand, he’s mentioned several times how happy he is to be social distancing so nobody can see him right now. Hmm, that’s probably not such a good sign!

Also, Rick has offered to cut my hair in return. Actually, the phrase he used was “in retaliation.” Hmmm. Perhaps I’d better check my closet to see what hats I have on hand!

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