To the editor:

I have been offended by Joe Biden’s use of his Catholic faith, in his ads and speeches. As a Catholic myself, I have been questioned countless times about politicians who claim they are Catholic while supporting abortion and infanticide.  

The Catholic faith believes that human life is sacred from its beginning until its end, and no one under any circumstance can claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being. From its conception, the innocent child has the right to life. 

We also believe that we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: by ordering, advising, praising, approving, or not hindering them. So I ask you, how can a person claim one thing while acting completely contrary to it?

Biden is using his Catholic faith, hoping that it gets him votes by showing he is a “practicing” Catholic, while our new Supreme Court nominee is already being criticized by Democrats for her Catholic faith. The real issue is not whether someone is Catholic or not, it is this: Does that person really believe and practice Christian morals and values, or do they want to just have good sound bites?

The Biden-Harris ticket has also pledged to gut religious schools, strip away fundamental religious freedoms, and force taxpayers to directly pay for expanded access to abortion. As a Christian I do not want to see more of our religious freedoms taken away. If you don’t believe it can happen, just look at the last eight months with the restrictions on our churches. Biden has stated that he wants to keep the country shut down, which means keeping our churches closed or severely restricted.  

The House just passed its version of the Heroes Act; schools were allocated money, but specifically religious schools were not eligible. This is just another instance of the Democrats’ plans for getting rid of our religious freedoms and the freedom of school choice for our children. 

Remember in the first debate how Biden said that he is the Democratic party?

Your actions speak louder then your words.

Patricia Harbin


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