To the editor: 

What has happened in our legislatures to “working across the aisle” to solve state or national problems facing us as Americans? Where has gone the spirit of cooperation between opposing political party members despite different policy, social, or economic opinions? 

Instead, “my Republican (or Democratic) friend” means little. Neither debate nor a simple conversation rises to the level of communication received with an open mind and seriously considered when differences of opinion surface or are assumed. Finding “common ground” is no longer on the map; the search for understanding, acceptance, and “give and take” have been lost. Our human differences seem often received by knee-jerk resentment, disrespect, and even anger.

All is not lost, I have discovered! There is a breath of fresh air in our legislative chambers! Our Congressional Representative Abigail Spanberger has this year been awarded the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Jefferson-Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship” for her commitment to working across the aisle! Additionally, she has been ranked as one of the top five most bipartisan Democrats in the U.S. House by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. 

The essence of these facts lies in the existence of needed laws that would have been impossible to create without the combined efforts of members of both political parties.

We can all enjoy such sweet successes of common problems solved, of alliances forged for future action, of mutual respect created. Nourish and enhance such spirit! Please cast your valued ballot for Abigail Spanberger!

Bill Walling


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