To the editor:

I am an older black man. I grew up in the Jim Crow era. It wasn’t half as bad as it is now, with rioting, looting, killing, bad law enforcement, etc.

Now they are talking about doing away with Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from the pancake and rice boxes. I don’t think Mike Pence would look good on the rice box or Nancy Pelosi on the pancake box (smile).  

Everything in this generation seems to create a problem. When I was a kid little black girls had white doll babies and were happy with them. I enjoyed the Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby tales, Little Black Sambo, Uncle Remus, Foghorn Leghorn and Amos and Andy. In this day and time they would all be considered racist.

They are messing with The Simpsons and Gone With the Wind, which is a classic. Walt Disney is thinking about re-doing Song of the South.

I am a horse lover. I’m going to miss those gallant steeds on those monuments, like Lee and Jackson’s horses Traveler and Little Sorrel. In the Bible it states in Numbers 22 that the donkey had more sense than its rider.

Please don’t cut the funds to the police departments. We need law and order. Give more training to the recruits.

Sylvester Courtney


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