To the editor:

It is not yet official but it looks like Joe Biden, the ultimate bureaucrat with over 47 years of government employment, may be the winner.

Why does he want to be president and what is he going to pursue over the next four years? Nobody knows! So far, he reminds me of a deer in the headlights in his press statements. If he pursues the agenda of the Democratic platform, he will certainly be a one-term president. Maybe that doesn’t matter because he will be too old anyway.

Joe Biden did not really have to do too much to win. The COVID-19 virus and the media did all the work. He really has no identity. He blamed the president for all the deaths from the virus in our country. Like the governors had no involvement!

Now they are all at a loss because the president has delivered on a remedy for the virus, just like he delivered on everything else he promised. The media and Joe wanted to appoint a commission, go in a closet and emerge with a golden solution for the virus. Maybe even a national mask mandate.

The president stayed the course and it looks like we have a solution before Joe couĺd solve the problem. Now, pundits are trying to say there is no distribution plan, but that’s not accurate.

If it wasn’t for mail-in ballots, Joe Biden would have lost for certain. There was no obvious enthusiasm for his candidacy but if his voters could vote from the easy chair at home, they sent it in either because they were uninformed or didn’t like President Trump.

It seems that there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered about all those votes. It seems pretty clear that there was a lot of cheating going on but it is not known to what extent it would have affected the results.

After all is said and done, I wonder what the media plans to do for the next four years. They may not have President Trump to kick around anymore.

Jim Hogan


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