To the editor:

If you have lived in Louisa for any length of time, you may have felt, like I do, that rural counties like ours are often ignored by the lawmakers and money distributors in the big city. Fortunately,  our Congresswoman, Abigail Spanberger, listens to her constituents and understands our issues.

The CARES Act recently passed by Congress only provided funding to localities with over 500,000 residents. Louisa has about 35,000.  Spanberger has listened to the boards of supervisors and county administrators of counties like ours and sees the struggle we face.  Businesses have shut down because of the public health crisis and revenues are down. The tax base is down. 

Spanberger is leading a big push to get more support for small and rural counties. Led by her, 97 lawmakers signed a letter calling on Congress to provide direct funding for these governments in their next relief package. That federal money would help our county keep essential services open.

We are fortunate to have a representative who listens to the people she represents.

Felix Bizaoui


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