To the editor:

When I heard a few months ago that several members of the U.S. Senate had profited greatly by selling stocks using “insider information,” I was upset. These lawmakers are not working for the benefit of the people who elected them. Not only are they enriching themselves by using insider information, but they are making laws that benefit the corporations they own stock in. No wonder people do not trust our government!

Whether you identify as a Democrat or Republican, left or right, this kind of corruption is the enemy of every one of us. 

A new bill co-sponsored by our Congresswoman, Abigail Spanberger, would help correct that situation. H.R. 7200, nicknamed the TRUST in Congress Act, is subtitled, “To require members of Congress and their spouses and dependent children to place assets into blind trusts.” What this bill aims to do is to separate the ability to buy and sell assets from the Congressperson’s control.

Maybe there are issues that are nearer and dearer to our hearts right now, but wouldn’t it at least be nice to know that our government folks are not simply enriching themselves at our expense?

Rebecca Sue Rayburn


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