To the editor:

Danny Carter has my support as he starts his next term on the Louisa Town Council.

Ok, so I’m not a town resident now, but I did work for the Town of Louisa for 15 years between 2000 and 2015, first as a public works employee and eventually, town manager. Danny was always there to support the employees and management of the town without hesitation. 

He stayed mostly in the background, never grandstanding, but he always asked the hard questions in a friendly and professional manner and expected concise, accurate answers. I truly enjoyed working for the town, and especially with Danny. His calm, competent leadership helped us develop the downtown plan, sewer plant upgrades, Hillcrest Cemetery Columbarium and many other large projects. 

I haven’t talked to Danny in years and he did not ask for this endorsement, but obviously I still care for Louisa and appreciate the opportunities the town and  council gave me. So when I read that he was running for re-election, I had to take time to endorse him. 


Brian W. Marks

Louisa Town Manager 2007-2015

Oceanview, Delaware

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