To the editor:

I am writing to respond to Stacey Briley’s Nov. 12 letter, “Questioning Trump’s Results.” I simply cannot let her outrageously biased message go unanswered. Here are just a few fact-based rebuttals.

First, all presidents have flaws, make mistakes, and stretch the truth when politically advantageous. Take, for example, President Obama’s argument for passing Obamacare: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Politifact called this statement the 2013 Lie of the Year. This whopper was extraordinary, but one can find truth-stretching statements from virtually all presidents.

Second, President Trump’s business history has no relevance to his performance in office. Anyone with business experience understands that some of Trump’s primary enterprises (consumer goods and services; hotels and leisure travel) are high-risk businesses. He has made poor investments and lost millions on some of them; however, his balance sheet demonstrates a history of good overall performance by the various Trump companies. Along the way, Mr. Trump’s businesses have created many thousands of middle-class jobs. Compare this result to Joe Biden’s personal record creating private-sector jobs – zero.

Third, the Iran deal, signed in 2015 by Iran, the U.S. and several other European countries, was designed to limit Iran’s program to produce enriched uranium. At the end of the Obama administration, they sweetened the deal (and ransomed four American hostages held in Iran) by sending $400 million to Tehran. President Trump canceled U.S. participation in the deal in 2018 precisely because the Iranians not only continued but ramped up their uranium enrichment program. In September 2020, the BBC reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency found that the Iranian uranium stockpile has reached 4,640 pounds, which is 10 times the amount permitted by the deal.

At this point, who is foolish enough to think that Iran’s aim of producing enriched uranium for nuclear weapons can be bought off by the U.S. and our allies? Answer: Ms. Briley and the President-elect, Joe Biden. It is widely reported that Biden wants to revive U.S. participation in the deal – perhaps more opportunities for Hunter?

Finally, Briley’s claim that President Trump referred to members of the American military who have been killed in action as “suckers and losers.” This claim was made in a Sept. 3 article in The Atlantic magazine. They reported that the President said this while on an official trip to Paris, France, in 2018.

Consider the timing for this highly damaging article – exactly two months before the presidential election. The facts are that the sources for the article are 100 percent anonymous, and that all of those attending the Paris event with the president have stated that he said nothing of the kind. President Trump’s words and actions toward our military have been entirely supportive throughout his term.

Briley and her “accomplices” should know that facts are stubborn things.

Mark A. Luttner


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