To the editor:

The former Democratic Massachusetts Congressman and Speaker of the House Thomas P. O’Neill, known as “Tip,” was credited with making the statement, “all politics is local.” He also said that the Democratic Party has succeeded so well that many of its members are now Republicans.

Virginians can appreciate that more than ever now that our governor and new legislature are ripping up the playbook on decency and good management. We will see the effect in years to come. They are aggressively changing everything done over the past 20 or more years up to and including raising the gas tax and increasing spending by double-digit figures.

It will be a while before we know what effect the law allowing public employees to unionize will have on the state budget, but you can count on large increases in public payrolls and benefits. I am not against pay for performance but that can rarely be measured in the government sector. Our forefathers knew that public unions were a bad idea. I would guess that our taxes will see a very steep rise!

If you look around at what is going on with states trying to manage through the current virus plague, you will notice that the states under Democratic control are the ones facing a financial nightmare. They were already bankrupt or near bankruptcy and their citizens are already taxed at high rates. So now, Virginia plans to join the team!

Fortunately for the citizens of the Commonwealth, the legislature can’t deficit spend for operations and there are limitations on capital spending. They can increase other state taxes and they most certainly will need to. We did have an attempt to eliminate the “car” tax by former Governor Jim Gilmore, but the effort has been pretty much reversed by his successors. The federal government is pretty much broke, but at least Virginia is currently solvent thanks to the wisdom of some of our forefathers.

Jim Hogan


Editor’s note: The state recently passed a law allowing localities to permit public-sector unions. Localities are not obliged to permit them.

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