To the editor:

It’s commendable to see the Louisa militia – or anyone else for that matter – responding to “the political, economic, cultural, and moral decline of the United States.”

Unfortunately, not enough space was given by The Central Virginian in its Oct. 15 article to explore the details of the militia’s ideology. We could’ve learned much more, especially about moral decline. To be clear, there’s a difference between morals and ethics. A moral person knows the difference between right and wrong regardless of ideology, geography, and religion. In that sense, there’ve been ample displays of wrong being committed in the past four years to show moral decline.

It’s wrong to punish children by putting them in cages. Justifying that behavior by blaming the parents is just as wrong. Maybe the explanation for this can be found by examining the “sins of the father.”

Racism’s wrong but its extreme form, slavery, was legal in the United States until the Civil War. The Bible condoned it, and that was enough for its institutionalization. Its remnants still linger to this day as a cultural artifact that blames Black citizens for being victims.

Withholding condemnation of Vladimir Putin for approving a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan is wrong. If any criticism was made to show the slightest outrage for that action, it was well hidden from the public.

To think that human life is disposable, because wearing a mask is uncomfortable, is moral bankruptcy. As of today, there are over 240,000 Americans dead from COVID-19. This was completely unnecessary and could have been mitigated by simply acknowledging the science, and acting quickly and effectively. Doing anything less to prevent suffering is wrong. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the threats to withhold medical help to the states that didn’t offer sufficient homage to the administration.

It’s unscrupulous for this country’s leader to pose with a Bible as a prop. If you need a prop to display your morality, you’re not really moral. That is wrong as well as excusing that act.

Supporting domestic terrorists by words or actions is wrong.

Fighting in the courts to discourage and intimidate minorities from voting and participating in the Census, instead of encouraging participation, is wrong.

Hating people for being born different is wrong. There are too many instances of using belief systems as the basis for murder and genocide without any kind of admonishment from those believers, which just adds to the wrongness. If anyone claims that another person is wrong because of the accident of birth, or a different perspective, any claims to a moral stand have to be denied.

It’s wrong to disregard these wrongs, and others, that we – as individuals – should recognize and resolve. Leaving moral decisions to arbitrary organizations and institutions is wrong. Morality transcends cultural norms.

To accomplish the ambitious goal of responding to “the political, economic, cultural and moral decline of the United States” without the right skill set and tools is arrogant – and wrong.

Joe Mikolajczak


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