LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bill will help slow climate change

To the editor:

There was an article in the Nov. 28 Richmond Times-Dispatch about adding seaweed to cattle feed to reduce methane emissions. As most farmers know, this is of some significance because the methane released when a cow burps is one of the gases to blame for creating the “greenhouse effect.” By releasing less methane, we slow climate change.

This is the kind of innovation we need. It is a simple measure that can be further researched and implemented if it is in anybody’s interest to do so.

What would make someone want to go to this trouble? Their bottom line, of course. That’s where the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) comes in. This bill will stimulate innovation and investment in areas like this as well as the larger field of finding ways to use energy sources that do not produce carbon emissions.

How does it do that? It’s really very simple in concept. Products that cause carbon emissions are taxed at their point of origin. The money raised by this tax is then distributed to every American household. Gas at the pump and electricity produced by burning coal, etc. become more expensive because the producer has to pay a tax. The consumer, looking to save money, then turns to other sources for their energy needs. It becomes cost-effective to innovate and invest.

This bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and has sponsors on both sides of the aisle. The more people know about it, and talk to their representative about it, the more likely it is to pass this next session.

Mary Kranz


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