LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freedom of Speech being used as excuse for unethical actions

To the Editor:

In 1981, the house I was renting in Louisa County burned to the ground as a result of a chimney fire. At the time, my husband was a full-time student and I was a teacher in Louisa, which meant our combined incomes barely paid the bills. Even so, we purchased a place in Yanceyville which is now our forever home. I believe young couples, senior citizens, and families today should have the ability to also purchase homes in Louisa, and I strongly urge our Board of Supervisors to seek every opportunity to leverage their bargaining power to make affordable rental and for-purchase homes available. The Board of Supervisors is ruling on a Zion Crossroads development, a Lake Anna development, and is overseeing homes being built near our Resource Center. Let’s make sure a reasonable number of the rentals and homes for purchase are accessible to families with incomes like mine in 1981.

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