LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freitas doesn’t support broadband expansion

To the editor:

If you had the chance to vote to increase access to high-speed internet (broadband service) in rural areas, right here in Louisa, would you vote yes or no? Nearly everyone I know would vote yes on such a measure. They would vote for it because broadband is so important for our jobs, education, entertainment, shopping and other everyday activities. 

Nick Freitas, who currently represents the 30th district in the Virginia House of Delegates, had that chance, and he voted no. He was one of only six members of the House to vote against House Bill 831. He has voted against broadband numerous times. It’s been made clear by his actions; Delegate Freitas doesn’t think it’s important for us to have broadband.

Abigail Spanberger, our U.S. congresswoman, listens to her constituents and has taken every step she can to get us reliable, high-speed internet. She helped introduce the Moving America Forward Act, which includes the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act. She has worked tirelessly to bring funding to ReConnect, the USDA program designed to bring the internet we need to the rural counties she serves.  She recently led a successful bipartisan effort to increase that funding by 78 percent. Abigail Spanberger very much wants us to have high-speed internet.

Spanberger’s opponent in her run for reelection this November is Freitas, who doesn’t want us to have broadband internet. So, I don’t want him to have a position in Congress.

Jim Wolf


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