LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Losing the election doesn’t mean voter fraud

To the editor:

I am a 70-year-old woman and have voted since I was 20 years old.

Sometimes, the person I voted for won and other times lost. This does not mean there was fraud or illegal votes.

I am angry at what is happening now. The current president lost. The attorney general and the cybersecurity person, Chris Krebs, said there was no fraud and it was the safest election in years. Why is the president firing anyone who tells the truth? So what is the problem?

We all need to face reality. The current president has been lying, bullying people to not speak up, and acting like a spoiled child. He even went into hiding because he lost. He continues to have his lawyers promote lies.

He is calling governors to change votes. He is targeting counties where most residents have brown skin to have the votes recounted. He is firing people in the Pentagon, putting his own in, and they are not working with the new administration coming in in January. He is talking about pardoning people for supposed crimes they have not been charged with yet. We have a pandemic, people are dying, and the president says nothing. He is consumed with the election. Is this really what we want?

The president lost, period … So, why are the Republicans crying foul, illegal votes, etc. Why are Republicans not speaking truth to power?

Have we lost truth?

The vote is a vital part of our democracy. We are supposed to make it easier for everyone to vote. So why is early voting and mail-in voting a problem? Why is it a problem that more Black and brown-skinned citizens voted? It is not.

Is the vote a problem because that means all citizens can vote – white, Black and brown people? Do people have a problem because this country is trying to allow all citizens who can vote to be able to vote? What has happened to truth, honor and respect for each other?

If we are truly to continue to be a democracy, we should accept the outcome of all elections, especially because our system re-validates them.

The Constitution says “All men are created equal.” Are we throwing this out? If so, we are throwing our democracy out? Then what?

Nancy Syntax


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