LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missing in action

To the editor:   

Sometimes, falling off the wagon isn’t as bad as circling them. When those wagons are only Tonka trucks, there’s a level of immaturity that has to be factored in.

Now that the election’s over, the counting complete, Joe Biden will be the next president. That’s because Biden received 9 percent more votes than Trump, which is a considerable amount, in spite of too many erroneous praises from Trump’s followers for things that really weren’t accomplished while he occupied the office. The Electoral College has Biden: 306, Trump: 232.

This is the first time that this country has had to suffer such lack of competence in the office of the presidency. Relying on Trump’s tweets instead of climate change science, data on income and wealth inequality, the contagion of COVID-19, the realities of systemic racism, Russian hacking (Trump is going to pardon Putin, again), and even something as simple as civility and civil discourse shows that the United States has forfeited its position as a world role model. Trump’s followers have been unable to grasp the significance or reality of that.

Furthering the disruption of the past four years is an “executive” who still refuses to accept the election results; his followers, not knowing better, have been complicit in the pretense of voter fraud. So, while the frivolous lawsuits are dramatized, as you would expect from “reality” TV, the transition to any certainty about the future gets weakened.

The question that haunts me, and should be well-thought-out by everyone is, “Why do people persist in deceiving themselves?” The deception has been ongoing for four years. Aren’t the believers tired of it yet? Haven’t they learned the ability of genuine skepticism rather than the denial they’ve been practicing?

Gradually, this country has come to mirror the characteristics of the society portrayed in the movie, “Idiocracy.” The movie presents a scenario in which the United States for decades “has embraced anti-intellectualism, and … is devoid of such traits as intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, justice, and human rights,” according to a Wikipedia description.

The difficulty is that those who’ve embraced these traits are unaware that problems exist, and aren’t moved to do anything about them.

We have approximately one more month before the inauguration of President-Elect Biden. Until that time, Trump has left the United States vulnerable to the pandemic, Russian interference, and a host of other ills that a normal person wouldn’t think of doing while leaving their job. Think of yourself trying to do as much damage to your employer before you’re out the door. That’s what’s happening.

There are no excuses for that behavior or for sanctioning it. Why are so many people willing to risk their health, livelihood, and the future of their children for someone who doesn’t care about them? In all this time he was in office, Trump was Missing In Action.

During the transition to Joe Biden, President-Elect, Trump is missing in action.

His followers, who should be concerned and aren’t paying attention to the security of our country, are also missing in action.

Stacy Briley

Zion Crossroads

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